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Yeah the show was dope. Go watch some vids on the Nomasterbacks blog(link somewhere in my links section). Here’s me and Aes Rock! Man i was so stoked. He’s hella tall and rocks the mic walking walking like a rooster with killer lyrics!

El-P, El Producto, sick live. Made me appreciate him even more. But i still kinda didn’t like his last album. But i wish i brought my copy of FREESTYLE for him to sign. He be back so i’ll do it next time.

Mr.Dibbs. Tall as a mofo too! Him and Aesop could take you run and gun i bet. I went early to see Creed during soundcheck but he didn’t show but i happened to find El-P doing soundcheck. Then Mr. Dibbs and Aesop come outside to chill or smoke or whatevers. And only me, big ass Hawaiian guy in the alley with them. Too shame to geek out and get a pick with them before the show. But he get this!

Rob Sonic, DJ BigWiz, and DJ Chauncy! They know how to party! Good fun! Chauncy got me and ktc on stage to take crew pics. He was sauced and had an ill strut about him. Remind me im suppose to hit him up on myspace.


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