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Seen this article at my Aiea office this morning. Chinese lions and queens. NICE!

While reading the article it said that Narcissus Queen Lisa Wong painted this Bruce Lee for her talent portion. Now living in Hawai’i everyone expects you to dance hula (cus unless its a hula comp who gonna really know what is ok hula next to great hula specially if you hot. The horny judge not gonna be watching your hands unless he’s mahu!) but i appreciate some new talent that’s different but sometimes it backfires when its like poetry reading or jazz dancing. How come nobody does magic trick??? anywho she did LIVE SPEEDPAINTING! wondering if there was a video of it that some proud father or family member took existed i looked and what do you know. for your enjoyment. Kung Hee Fat Choy. Lions and Fireworks this friday saturday and sunday. 1/26/09 is Chinese New Years year of Ox.

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