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Take a look at todays TGIF section in the Honolulu Advertiser for this article about Chinese New Years. Here’s a snipit of do’s and don’ts from the article.

Do’s and don’t’s on Chinese New Year’s Day
The Lum family’s list of rules:
DO wear brand new clothes, and if the clothes are red, all the better. Children should wear new clothes and new shoes.
DO give two li see to each child. Don’t just give one envelope — it is believed that happiness comes in twos.
DO greet each other with “Kung hee fat choy,” which means that you wish each other prosperity and wealth.
DON’T wash your hair.
DON’T sweep the floor.
DON’T greet people who are in mourning.
DON’T drop your chopsticks.
DON’T say the number “four,” which is a Chinese homonym for “death,” or talk about death at all.
DON’T borrow or lend money.

Well tonight is Chinatown’s Open house where they block off the road and blast buttloads of firecrackers and release the lions. Man sometime i wish i was in a kung fu school so i could rep hard but then again i no like get locked down the entire month doing lion dancing at stores and malls. Here’s some videos. one is hawaii. one is Malaysia. no joke. serious business.

Here’s the serious business part. but they troopers man. get up and back at it! KUNG HEE FAT CHOY!

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