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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Ok. So it took me three days to find this pic from cus i couldn’t post a pic of the cover which has two people OOFING! CLASSIC! I LIKE IT! SHAKAZINE! done by Doug Upp and his bunch of minions releases this zine every so often. I like it. It covers a little bit of everything. Food, shopping, hiphop, raves, events, clothes, drag queens, you name it, it might be in there. This issue has a story about Tassho Pearce, Trannyshack, and Diamond Head Video. If you conservative and stuck up you might get offended but hey to each their own. Shakazine has the funniest quips about everything. They even rip on Lightsleepers events (i crack up). I like it. Pick up a copy somewhere. The first one I found was in the bathroom at the Loft downtown. Prototype got 2 copies left. I think Diamond Head Video might get um (probably the one by Hard Rock for sure/Pearl Kai i dunno?). Booyakashaka!

read the blog at



So while reading i noticed they put an interview of one of my favorite graff/toy designers Marka27 from the BOLDFACERS WEBSITE HERE Didn’t get a chance to watch the vid but you better believe i’m gonna. I still got a Minigod waiting for me at Split Obsession (hopefully…..i’m sorry bruce and erica….i need layaway plan!) and every day i stare at the Killa Instinct at Prototype. Just look at the custom dunny above. Marka 27 is a beast!

Happy Malasada Day! Yeah I woke up 5:30 AM to go Leonards on Kapahulu Ave. and stood in line for 10 minutes to get me some malasadas on Fat Tuesday and maybe you gonna see me on KHON 2 with Manolo Morales (I hope not but gareens gonna be me on tv watch! a big guy buying malasadas only gonna help with sales!) Now I don’t EVER go them trucks (even though i want to they just let me down!) and never tried Champion’s ones yet but hey I don’t care. You bring me some I might eat but I gotta stay with MY HOMETOWN favorite. KAPAHULU! BROKAW ST.! Since ’79! Yeah I moved Kahalu’u (WHICH I LOVE JUST AS MUCH!) in like ’88 but crap Kapahulu is where it’s at! My mom’s church St. Marks (my preschool and kindergarten as well) is there. Rainbows! Wai’ola Shave Ice! Hee Hing! The zoo! Walls! Teddy’s! Ginas! Home of the OG WAFFLE DOG! BOOYA!

Back to malasadas. Is winners. I like little bit sugar. I’m more about the dough part. But one time I ordered no sugar at all and wasn’t working for me. Go get you some. I also bought some stickers from them too. Speaking of stickers big ups to the homie that put that FITTED “Aloha Served Daily” sticker up there on the pole (yo guys hook me up with some!). You better believe I’m sidebusting with a Lightsleepers sticker! (I put one on the stop sign right on the corner near Leonard’s window!) Lucky you live Hawai’i. Happy Mardi Gras or whatevers.

PS. Yeah it’s pancake day to at IHOP but fooey! My mom’s church one time tried to make Shrove Tuesday happen where you go and eat pancakes for dinner…. at church…. only to realize you gotta go back church the next day for Ash Wednesday. Make me hate pancakes on this day. But malasada day better.


Alright. I know you non Christian people don’t wanna hear the mumbo jumbo jargon (but then again you might be the one that the message is for) but hey guess what, the Sexy Beast also happens to believe that Jesus is his Lord and Savior. Anywho this post is just more about me reading a second book within 2 months of this year. UNHEARD OF! I didn’t even do that while i was going to school, ANY SCHOOL! St. Patricks, Kamehameha, University of Hawai’i. NOPE! Only time was probably St. Marks Preschool/Kindergarten when i was rocking Little Golden Books and Dr. Seuss (Green Eggs and Ham and Starbelly Sneeches was my joints!). Well That Guy Shaun Castro suggested I read Purpose Driven Life back in like 2004 i think. But then I didn’t want to waste time on God. Didn’t even want to go church for a while either. Five years later and some personal storms got me hunting it down at several Borders. Did it with Mr. J All Day. ATYPICALLIVING.COM. Truly atypical. What can I say. Book takes 40 days to do a chapter a day, read it, ponder it, and then choose to apply it or not. Pretty good. Easy to read. Rick Warren did a good job. Was written back in 2002 but its still a best seller TODAY! #10 Non Fiction in Hawaii in yesterday’s Honolulu Advertiser. Well both me and Mr. J plan to do this book again one more time before the end of 2009. If you wanna read it with me then feel free to hit me up at and let me know. Open invite. If you wanna read it with Mr. J go email him (find it on somwhere)

If you just sketch read the WIKIPEDIA (i like the criticism part) or check out the Purpose Driven Life website.

BOOYA! Next book, Suze Orman’s “The Money Book for the young, fabulous, and broke”. That’s just what describes me!

Well I know that the end of my valentines mixtape is a few days ago but sometimes you just gotta continue. Today was my girl’s birthday. A few two and a half months we actually share the same age. Well this year I’m trying to be all Suze Orman and pay my bills off we decided no more gifts and just use that money to paying off bills and credit cards. Well you still gotta get something cus everyone still loves a gift. With a not so great luck looking for a dope lei (found one but for $20 when I coulda been in chinatown and spend 1/4 the price) in Safeway and a quick trip to the kapolei farmers market (big ups to the bread peeps! last lumpia bag was mine!). A quick hele to church and a surprize kurukuru b-day party and a family Ruby Tuesday party was a pretty good day for me too. Ruby Tuesday in Mililani has always been good, not my first choice (I rather go Chili’s and get mushroom jack fajitas for cheaper), but they got killer pasta salad in their salad bar and i like their mini burgers and that pasta thing they make. But I had hankering for ribs and gave in, got them, and they was burnt! They also burn’t my girl’s brothers ribs and overcooked his stake he ordered REALLY RARE ALMOST BLOODY! Then they took forever too, then they tried to make up for it INSISTING that we order dessert on the house but even that took almost 30 minutes. Caught them on a bad night I guess. All and all still good but never again i buy ribs from there cus i just miss tony romas too much. Anywho a song for my lady. Happy Birthday babe!

The rest of you peeps enjoy! With love, LOFA!

Ok the real title suppose to be Everyone loves B-Girls, but everyone jumped on the train late…you f bomb trend humpers. The same people that made trucker hats come back hard….the same people who made rocking terrorist scarves cool (they still gay!!!!! Unless you got a bazooka on your shoulder they gay! Even when Lilou wears um i can’t dig.) Same when all of a sudden everyone started wearing bandanas like cowboys. Same. Trend humpers! Don’t get me wrong I hump trends too (Twitter, cargo shorts, Acai bowls, etc.) but how come only now B-Girls getting shine like Beat Freaks. They are super dope. Haven’t watched any ABDC but people always buzzing about how dope they are. Here’s clip.

All I gotta say is REALLY GOOD B-GIRLS ALWAYS GONNA BE DOPE! Hawai’i hardly get. Remedy. The Kuga girls. That one girl from Stylistics(i hope i got right crew), Ethreal (USB), Yoda, Kea (Alien Natives?), Lyanne (360 housing project). The guys always outnumber them….but if they come correct they shut the place down!

One for B-Girls! Had to comment after reading the Contrast Mag Blog and KTC’s Narco Sympo Blog. KTC know’s whattup with B-Girls long before I did. Contrast knows whattup with dopeness. TIMER REALLY KNOWS WHATTUP WITH DOPE B-GIRLS! I like watch some dope Seattle War Room vids now.


alrighty the home versions are finally released and Juando already beat the arcade version how many times. But guess what…. I NEVER PLAYED IT EVER!!!! Didn’t want to wait in line at Comic Con for like 3 hours(but i did get Ryu’s headband!) and I will probably never go to Hawaiian Brian’s ever again in my life. But man if I ever come to your house and you got this ITS OVER! Hopefully Rotch gonna get this (I know he gonna get it) and its on donkey kong!


Well I knew eventually this day was coming but here it goes.

I’m officially no longer swearing.

I hate to admit it but so many four letter words are very prevalent in my everyday speech. I’d rock an f bomb every other word. No joke. I still don’t think swearing is wrong, it’s the emotion behind it that’s wrong and what God judges. My choice not to swear is only to prevent others from stumbling and causing people that don’t swear to start swearing because they think it’s ok cus the Sexy Beast does it (hey I’m a role model… get used to it…. and you know I’m one of the best trend setters in the world! ok maybe not but you never know…. bet them punahou guys never thought Obama would be president either) In my opinion you changing a word like fuck to fudge still don’t make nothing right…THAT FUDGE STILL MEANS THE ORIGINAL F WORD! Yeah it’s not as bad but deep down the root is still there. While letting go of so many swear words in my vocab I decided to take a gander at the f word that I used for more than 20 years of my life.

According to the definition of fuck is:
verb-to have sexual intercourse with, to meddle, or to treat harshly/unfairly
interjection-expression of anger or disgust
noun-the act of having sex or the person you are having sex with

try wikipedia the f word (Somebody had a lot of free time).

I use it to mean those definitions for sure. But no longer for me. Gotta use my cornucopia of vocab to say the same thing for OOFING or YOU MAKE ME MAD. Not as powerful but then again I’m not called to break people down. But don’t get me wrong I bet I swear a million times in my thought-life and I know God gonna judge me for them but I’m sure I can still walk though heaven’s gates and give Jesus a hug (I bet you I will…. I’ll prove it when you see me there). Now if I could stop swearing in my mind that would be one less flaw amongst many i have. I bet I still gonna swear every so often cus I aint perfect but if you catch me just remind me not to do it. Yesterday was day one and i think i still swore 20 times. Work in progress.

PS. Fuddruckers is one of my favorite burger joints by my gramps house in Illinois i think near Six Flags Great America. Dope place.


Who you scared of….Suge Knight or this guy who broke his face. I say both. That’s why I hate fights. Only MMA i like. And Street Fighter video games.

Seen this at Yeah i agree with the sandpaper condom wearer. No likey!