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Well i always love making mixtapes for the ladies back in the day. I was never a tape trader with them underground hiphop joints but i be that hold pause press play then tape that song off the radio and mastered the tape to tape on the double tape deck boombox. Used to buy albums and sell 8 copies for 2 bucks and get free album. Way before cd burning and downloads or ipods. Well Valentines day is on the 14th of Feb. Get your box of valentines ready and your bag of snickers. Maybe you find your future wife?

Well 2009. I had this random idea while trying to figure out what i gonna rock on my blog on that i haven’t been using cus im having problems with their server(gotta try again sorry katie!) But i decided to rock a love song each day until V-Day(14 songs for you that not going school…but if you going college and you like go U. of Phoenix let me know so i can refer you and get $100 credit towards my tuition). Sounds good. I also ask my partner Mr. J All Day to post his list either on his personal blog or on I asked Kavet the Catalyst and he’s doing underground hiphop love songs on his Narcoleptic Symposium blog. My homie Nicole is rocking some kinda set on her blog and finally That Guy Shaun Castro is also doing something on

Yeah its last minute and BJ Penn and Superbowl messed me up but hell here we go.
Song #1 Temptations-Aint to proud to beg.

Man i love the Temptations movie. When David Ruffin snakes the mic. Oh that’s classic! Crap just watch it.

The reason i chose this is cus one day(or a couple) you gonna do something bad or something wrong like forget a special day or not notice her new haircut or something. But if you really love her you aint gonna be all stuck up! Drop your pride and you gonna do whatever it takes to get her happy again! If you aint down to do that then you don’t love her at all fool!

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