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Love Song #3- Three Plus “Honey Baby”

Well i was gonna play something Hawaiian and still looking for a certain video that i hope makes the list later on. But while looking for ‘Ekolu songs (play on 3) forgot about Three Plus. Now I gotta say next too Natural Vibes “Balls Rolling” and a few other albums this is my favorite Hawaiian/Jawaiian(i rememer i hated this word) cd end to end. Hard to find now days. Everyone only get dope singles. Well I went to school with Keola (girl on the cover). Either way back when everyone was trying to be Ka’au Crater Boys all over again I remember Three Plus coming out of left field and jamming everything from Waikiki Shell to the block parties to your friends grad party. Enjoy. Found a karaoke type video you can sing along with. You know you sing along while you driving somewhere. I gotta find my cd again.

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