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Song #4 Larry Graham- One In a Million You.

Now im ashamed to say but thanks to my mom (in hindsight thanks mom, seriously!) i am a KSSK moldy oldies king. Now if I could just be a breaks master. Anyhow one of them sick joints that they used to rock was this One In A Million You. Sometimes I like eat Million’s korean restaurant when hearing this. But if there was ever only ONE SONG that i could kill at karaoke and not be able to sing anything else in the world it would be this song. Too bad i don’t have low voice. Maybe Omega Cix or Ghesoul could kill this. Maybe a metaphortress cover or remix. NICE! I think Bruce from Split Obsession could maybe kill this song while singing to Erica (or maybe you could sing this to him Erica… I know you reading…thanks). Enjoy. PS. I watched the video 4 times while typing this.

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