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Paul McCartney & Wings “Silly Love Songs”

Now this one i like a lot because i like it. I like the fact that it also irritates a lot of people. But yeah for some reason some people hate love songs. I hate songs about oofing cus i don’t get to do that… maybe people hate love songs cus they don’t have love in their lives? I can understand hating love songs when you break up and all but sometimes haters just hate. Lovers wanna love. I don’t really want none of the above…._____________________. If you can fill in the blank you got dirty mind or you watch too much Chappell show. But yeah i like this song. Not as much as song #4(which seems to be i huge hit with my readers…all three of you….thanks) but so what. Might make next years list too. Enjoy (*sidenote Nicole is experiencing technical difficulties but i think she might still post up all the songs when she gets a chance to get to a computer….doesn’t help she gets to shop her ass off….i dunno if i wanna post on vacation either….don’t expect me to do any posting while i be at Comic Con in SD July!)

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