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Well the song for today is suppose to be Zhane’s “Sending My Love” cus hey is a love song thang. But man i LOVE “Hey Mr. DJ” and they talk about how they love the weekend and how they love a good dance groove. I love good songs and love dancing with women. Slow dancing for sure. Booty dancing is always winners. No dancing by myself or NSYNC group boy band dancing. B-boy cyphers are cool. But if you making a mixtape for your lady or fella use the “Sending My Love”.

But hey this is my blog and crap I’ll put 2 songs if I like! This and Groove Theory’s “Tell Me” in the same boat. Feel good music. That’s what I like! Enjoy. With love, Lofa and Zhane!

Zhane “Hey Mr. DJ”

Zhane “Sending My Love”

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