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Ok. Now i know I just ranted about the crap songs dedications for love songs(See Day #9 Shai). But this is OG EMO! Sukiyaki (haolefide name) has always been a favorite of mine cus my Aunty Healani(miss you greatly aunty!) used to love this song and blast it on the radio when she was cooking Nishime for my Japanese uncle(you was waiting for me say sukiyaki or beef stew huh?). And I even got three copies of it on vinyl(2 twelves and a 7 inch). Well I HATE the English version. And this song mad emo cus translated means “I look up while walking so my tears don’t fall” EMO!!!! Before Emo was cool and the cutting and the mascara and the safety pins and wearing girl jeans. Check the Wikipedia bout it. Look how much royalties he or the song writer or some japanese guy is making. BANK! Now don’t be sad!Enjoy! With Love, Lofa!

Kyu Sakamoto “Ue wo muite arukou”

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