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Shai somehow beat the one hit wonder syndrome with three good songs. But I aint playing no Comforter or And If I Ever aint that feel good joint either (how come some fools dedicate the stupidest songs like breakup songs or i messed up and left you but the next time i gonna make sure she’s my friend….YOU SHOULDA DONE THAT FIRST BUTTMUNCH!!!!!!!)

Anywho I likey this song! Bout jitters when you see the fine lady(or dude for you wahines) and you kinda flirting but you dunno if you should jump in head first cus you scared you gonna crash and burn. I just crash and burn all the time hoping i land ok. Oh i got stories. Going McDonalds cus she’s working. Waiting at the bus stop after she finished soccer for her to come home four hours long and she no come home. Oh boy. Glad those days is over! Enjoy! With love, Lofa. Dedicated to my kabalio!

Shai “Baby I’m Yours”

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