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What’s Lofa listening to….fricken DISCO???? Yeah. I know. Song all the marys like. But this is MY list. Disco it is. Now I really like this song. Since back in the days of Studio 1 Trip The Lights I always wanted to close the events with this song because either you hate it and go home or you love it and dance and leave feeling good (specially if you dancing with the hottie…just watched Nick and Nora’s Playlist….same kind of emotions….if you watched it can you tell me if they did it???? i don’t think so cus her clothes was no where near on the floor….if you gonna OOOF do it naked….and wait till you married!). But how simple can the message be. Last Dance-THEN GO HOME! I bought a few couple of records of this song and by God I plan to convince KTC to make this the actual last dance of events so people know “eh so where we gonna go eat? We leave before gotta start cleaning up and putting away chairs and stuff!”. Enjoy. Dedicated to Neon Dionne/Kehau/Saha, Mr. J All Day, and the Omo’s (Om Omo! telling you!) With love, Lofa.

Donna Summer “Last Dance”

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