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I’m still a little salty about Jessie putting that James Ingram’s “Just Once” song (touche!) but this song makes me say with confidence to Mr. J All Day “Put this in your pipe and smoke it SUCKA!”. Another Hawai’i song? Whoda thunkit? But this joint made it on nation wide radio so it wins. GLENN MEDERIOS! Singer turned teacher. Proof it only takes one good song to make your mark in life (even though he got that other song he did with Bobby Brown “She Aint Worth It” that got MTV play son!) He’s almost like Audy Kimura with that “Lovers and Friends” song that almost made this years list but i remember using it two years ago so he might get rotation next year(he plays Hy’s steak house waikiki….one day I gonna take the lady there and have him sing that joint to her!). Great song this Glenn joint. Makes me think Hawaiian Host Chocolates (buy some for your special someone….gets them horny! maybe?) cus he was on Hawaiian Moving Company so many times. Enjoy! With Love, LOFA!

PS. I’m kinda sad this list ends tomorrow. Thinking about either continuing my list or starting a new one shortly but i don’t wanna do this every day for the specialness is gone. But man thanks to everyone who’s reading my blog just cuz of the lovesongs. My numbers for viewers have been SKY HIGH! I’m gonna be sad when it drops back down to the usual three viewers. DID YOU GET YOUR SHIZZNIT READY FOR V-DAY TOMORROW???? DID YOU GET ME SOMETHING????? AT LEAST A KISS AND HUG!

Glenn Mederios “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You!”

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