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Well finally got to the end of my mixtape/playlist/whatevers you like. What once was a silly notion in my head to figure out what i would post on my blog on which i still haven’t posted on in a while now turned in to me and a small group of homies posting songs we liked. I want to continue. At the same time I want it to end so that it’s not overdone. Thinking about doing themes every so often like one week of the month. But then again thinking about not doing one till my birthday month(MAY FOOLS!). Thanks to all who spent their time looking at this and the other homies blogs.

Billy Joel-I don’t think I would go see him in concert. This is my favorite song from him. Loved this track since I got this on blast back in the KSSK days riding shotgun in my mom’s car. Before I even knew how to mack on a girl I knew if I could sing this song the lady would be mine. Well I can’t sing this song……but maybe the ladies are still mine!!!! Maybe not…either way this is a DOPE song. Maybe if you sing it you get some ladies?

Thanks again for your continued reading and whatnot. Hope you have a great V-Day (no VD! use condom or wait till you married!) Hope you got something from you lady(for the guys…ladies the perfect gift includes a slab of meat and a two letter gesture!) and guys I hope you shower the crap out on you lady…don’t gotta be expensive but SHIT LET HER KNOW YOU CARE AND HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HER! She got all the power. No homo. She’s the one gotta open the legs. Think about it. ENJOY! With Love, LOFA!
Billy Joel “For The Longest Time”

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