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Well I knew eventually this day was coming but here it goes.

I’m officially no longer swearing.

I hate to admit it but so many four letter words are very prevalent in my everyday speech. I’d rock an f bomb every other word. No joke. I still don’t think swearing is wrong, it’s the emotion behind it that’s wrong and what God judges. My choice not to swear is only to prevent others from stumbling and causing people that don’t swear to start swearing because they think it’s ok cus the Sexy Beast does it (hey I’m a role model… get used to it…. and you know I’m one of the best trend setters in the world! ok maybe not but you never know…. bet them punahou guys never thought Obama would be president either) In my opinion you changing a word like fuck to fudge still don’t make nothing right…THAT FUDGE STILL MEANS THE ORIGINAL F WORD! Yeah it’s not as bad but deep down the root is still there. While letting go of so many swear words in my vocab I decided to take a gander at the f word that I used for more than 20 years of my life.

According to the definition of fuck is:
verb-to have sexual intercourse with, to meddle, or to treat harshly/unfairly
interjection-expression of anger or disgust
noun-the act of having sex or the person you are having sex with

try wikipedia the f word (Somebody had a lot of free time).

I use it to mean those definitions for sure. But no longer for me. Gotta use my cornucopia of vocab to say the same thing for OOFING or YOU MAKE ME MAD. Not as powerful but then again I’m not called to break people down. But don’t get me wrong I bet I swear a million times in my thought-life and I know God gonna judge me for them but I’m sure I can still walk though heaven’s gates and give Jesus a hug (I bet you I will…. I’ll prove it when you see me there). Now if I could stop swearing in my mind that would be one less flaw amongst many i have. I bet I still gonna swear every so often cus I aint perfect but if you catch me just remind me not to do it. Yesterday was day one and i think i still swore 20 times. Work in progress.

PS. Fuddruckers is one of my favorite burger joints by my gramps house in Illinois i think near Six Flags Great America. Dope place.

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