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Ok the real title suppose to be Everyone loves B-Girls, but everyone jumped on the train late…you f bomb trend humpers. The same people that made trucker hats come back hard….the same people who made rocking terrorist scarves cool (they still gay!!!!! Unless you got a bazooka on your shoulder they gay! Even when Lilou wears um i can’t dig.) Same when all of a sudden everyone started wearing bandanas like cowboys. Same. Trend humpers! Don’t get me wrong I hump trends too (Twitter, cargo shorts, Acai bowls, etc.) but how come only now B-Girls getting shine like Beat Freaks. They are super dope. Haven’t watched any ABDC but people always buzzing about how dope they are. Here’s clip.

All I gotta say is REALLY GOOD B-GIRLS ALWAYS GONNA BE DOPE! Hawai’i hardly get. Remedy. The Kuga girls. That one girl from Stylistics(i hope i got right crew), Ethreal (USB), Yoda, Kea (Alien Natives?), Lyanne (360 housing project). The guys always outnumber them….but if they come correct they shut the place down!

One for B-Girls! Had to comment after reading the Contrast Mag Blog and KTC’s Narco Sympo Blog. KTC know’s whattup with B-Girls long before I did. Contrast knows whattup with dopeness. TIMER REALLY KNOWS WHATTUP WITH DOPE B-GIRLS! I like watch some dope Seattle War Room vids now.

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