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Well I know that the end of my valentines mixtape is a few days ago but sometimes you just gotta continue. Today was my girl’s birthday. A few two and a half months we actually share the same age. Well this year I’m trying to be all Suze Orman and pay my bills off we decided no more gifts and just use that money to paying off bills and credit cards. Well you still gotta get something cus everyone still loves a gift. With a not so great luck looking for a dope lei (found one but for $20 when I coulda been in chinatown and spend 1/4 the price) in Safeway and a quick trip to the kapolei farmers market (big ups to the bread peeps! last lumpia bag was mine!). A quick hele to church and a surprize kurukuru b-day party and a family Ruby Tuesday party was a pretty good day for me too. Ruby Tuesday in Mililani has always been good, not my first choice (I rather go Chili’s and get mushroom jack fajitas for cheaper), but they got killer pasta salad in their salad bar and i like their mini burgers and that pasta thing they make. But I had hankering for ribs and gave in, got them, and they was burnt! They also burn’t my girl’s brothers ribs and overcooked his stake he ordered REALLY RARE ALMOST BLOODY! Then they took forever too, then they tried to make up for it INSISTING that we order dessert on the house but even that took almost 30 minutes. Caught them on a bad night I guess. All and all still good but never again i buy ribs from there cus i just miss tony romas too much. Anywho a song for my lady. Happy Birthday babe!

The rest of you peeps enjoy! With love, LOFA!

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