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Happy Malasada Day! Yeah I woke up 5:30 AM to go Leonards on Kapahulu Ave. and stood in line for 10 minutes to get me some malasadas on Fat Tuesday and maybe you gonna see me on KHON 2 with Manolo Morales (I hope not but gareens gonna be me on tv watch! a big guy buying malasadas only gonna help with sales!) Now I don’t EVER go them trucks (even though i want to they just let me down!) and never tried Champion’s ones yet but hey I don’t care. You bring me some I might eat but I gotta stay with MY HOMETOWN favorite. KAPAHULU! BROKAW ST.! Since ’79! Yeah I moved Kahalu’u (WHICH I LOVE JUST AS MUCH!) in like ’88 but crap Kapahulu is where it’s at! My mom’s church St. Marks (my preschool and kindergarten as well) is there. Rainbows! Wai’ola Shave Ice! Hee Hing! The zoo! Walls! Teddy’s! Ginas! Home of the OG WAFFLE DOG! BOOYA!

Back to malasadas. Is winners. I like little bit sugar. I’m more about the dough part. But one time I ordered no sugar at all and wasn’t working for me. Go get you some. I also bought some stickers from them too. Speaking of stickers big ups to the homie that put that FITTED “Aloha Served Daily” sticker up there on the pole (yo guys hook me up with some!). You better believe I’m sidebusting with a Lightsleepers sticker! (I put one on the stop sign right on the corner near Leonard’s window!) Lucky you live Hawai’i. Happy Mardi Gras or whatevers.

PS. Yeah it’s pancake day to at IHOP but fooey! My mom’s church one time tried to make Shrove Tuesday happen where you go and eat pancakes for dinner…. at church…. only to realize you gotta go back church the next day for Ash Wednesday. Make me hate pancakes on this day. But malasada day better.

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