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Ok. So it took me three days to find this pic from cus i couldn’t post a pic of the cover which has two people OOFING! CLASSIC! I LIKE IT! SHAKAZINE! done by Doug Upp and his bunch of minions releases this zine every so often. I like it. It covers a little bit of everything. Food, shopping, hiphop, raves, events, clothes, drag queens, you name it, it might be in there. This issue has a story about Tassho Pearce, Trannyshack, and Diamond Head Video. If you conservative and stuck up you might get offended but hey to each their own. Shakazine has the funniest quips about everything. They even rip on Lightsleepers events (i crack up). I like it. Pick up a copy somewhere. The first one I found was in the bathroom at the Loft downtown. Prototype got 2 copies left. I think Diamond Head Video might get um (probably the one by Hard Rock for sure/Pearl Kai i dunno?). Booyakashaka!

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