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Monthly Archives: March 2009

I asked MCHammer on twitter to see what he would say about people getting new jobs in this bad economy. He said to make your own. I was stoked he twittered me back. Kinda Kevin Bacon 7 degrees…kinda cool. Well I’ve been slacking on the blog and it’s his birthday. Have a video. too legit to quit.

Gonna try. If my Chinese family can then Hawaiians can too! CHOW FUN!


The first time I ever met Sean at Mechahawaii I was parking to go to Jelly’s or something. Something about always wanting to go to Kaimuki even though I lived in Kapolei. Old stomping grounds, St. Patrick’s school, Palolo swimming pool, Kahala Mall, i dunno but sometimes i like visiting Kaimuki. Anywho I seen the red and white sign from the parking lot and i thought “wait what is that? a robot store?” well I walked to the place and seen all kine dope stuff that I liked but guess what…THE STORE WAS CLOSED! BOOOOOO! So the next day I made the trek again to Mechahawaii and me and Sean have been homies ever since. Maybe almost 3 years now. He was my toy hookup before people started bringing Kid Robot and other stuff. But I would drop money on Gundams and Transformers and ORIGINAL KAIJU and gashapon gallore. Well Mechahawaii turns 5. They having a party. Cosplay and what not. Big ups Sean! Yeah I haven’t been there in ages since I became a college student again. But man I know there’s at least 3 things I want to take home!


(*the girl in the flyer’s last name is Shun…………nah but looks small kine no?)

Nah he never, but he does have an art show at Ronin Gallery If you in the LA/Echo Park area go check out the show tonight. If you in Hawai`i and you never go to his show at Exclusive then you a donkey! 2H’s skills just got crazy dope for no reason whatsoever but it was after he came to Honolulu. Hmmmmm. Here’s some of his paintings.

Also Peekaboo was smart enough to set up a camera for the gallery so if you can’t be there you can see what’s happening here. See Joe painting live or Genghis taking a dump in the corner of the room. HAHAHAHAHA Pocket Full Of Monsters doing it big!

Adam Richman is my hero! He got a show about grinding at dope spots and killing food challenges. I used to be able to murder food like he does but for some reason I can’t seem to do it any more. Anywho I’ve been planning my trip to LA and San Diego for Comic Con this July and this episode of Man v. Food pops up with a trip to El Tepeyac for the Manuel’s Special.

Seriously thinking about going and murdering this bad boy. I can only imagine the bombs dropped afterwards.

The countdown begins! July!

Look what I missed out on last night. They old as hell and still cool as “F” word!

Still wish they did my favorite song

Well yesterday I had to stop by the Kapolei Commons area to hit the new Sports Authority and buy some folding chairs so my girl can go camping. Yeah went Petco(expensive as hell!) and Target (its ok…KMart Kapolei gonna shut down watch!) and Office Max. Can’t wait for Aloha Salad and Menchies to open. While in the camping section I came across this stuff. Now I used to camp choke as a Boy Scout (Star….no eagle for me. didn’t finish project…BUT I DID EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!) and camp food was legit only because there was always somebody down to drive to costco or foodland or something down the road. Lucky we live Hawai’i. Fried rice to steak you name it we cooked it. No turkeys but we did make hobo stew and that hamburger potato carrot onion thing in the foil packets. But i never ate this freeze dried stuff you add boiling water. Only thing like that was cup o noodles. And yeah I ate MRE’s and some I liked and some tasted like doodoo.
This is suppose to be Lasagna and Meat Sauce. Looks watery. But i would eat it, specially if im starving. But it was $7 and right now im too poor to afford to try something new. Maybe next time. Kinda want to go camping. Kinda rather stay in a hotel and camp Waikiki.
Awful Waffle! Awful Waffle!

The guys at Spraygraphic.comsent me a video from their past Mini 4×4 art show. Check it out. They gave me info about the show but small kine late for Hawaiians. I’ll have more shows coming up from them as soon as they send me info.

sorry for huge pic.

Anywho. Jason Mayhem Miller got a show on MTV called Bully Beatdown where he offers the chance to win $10,000 to people who think they are badasses. Classic show. You should watch. I like watch Millers fight at Kingdom.

I don’t care why I posted this. I like it. I want EFX!