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photo: honolulu advertiser

Well Costco in Kapolei opened on Friday. I’m a HUGE costco freak. I would go 3-5 times a week. Crap i would eat lunch there every day and save money. Anywho Kapolei opened. Went to look for dog food for the tribe. No such luck on puppy food and they don’t have zip tops on the big bags of dry food. But the Costco was ok. Layout a little different. Food inside so you gotta BE a member to grind hot dog and pizza. Bought a cheesecake and soda crackers. Was kinda nice seeing faces i knew like Dez and Robert and Velvet and Brian who got baby number 4 on the way (congrats guys….you gonna need costco!) Gas station was legit! Way better than the other pumps but downside is that it’s in the same parking lot. Gridlock a coming! There must have been 50 people lining up just to become new members. Waianae Nanakuli Makaha Makakilo Ewa Beach Waipahu(maybe?) and Kapolei residents can save time. Cool.

The Sexy Beast overall: it’s ok but guess what….I RATHER GO WAIPIO! If you in town stay in town. I go town Costco too. Hawai’i Kai never had and probably never will unless i get party in Hawai’i Kai and never buy nothing. But Kapolei Costco nothing worth leaving your house to trek out too. But I might just buy gas there. The metropolis begins. Next store: TARGET!

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