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For a day off that I thought would suck it was pretty good. Thought I would get my hands on a Street Fighter IV session but never happened. Did a quick run to Stylus and got me a copy of DJ Shadow’s Preemptive Strike on WAX SON! Why? Two words. Organ Donor. B-Boy Breaks. CHEE HUUUU!

Man while looking for a good video to post I think I watched this vid three times in a row. WOW. I would pay to see this live. But I WOULDN’T PAY $80 to see JOURNEY OR LIL WAYNE! HAWAI`I IS RETARDED!!!!!!

Followed that with a bowl of char siu tan tan extra noodles and some gyoza from GOMA ICHI! Best in Hawai`i. Crap Honolulu mag said it was the best in town this month with the same issue that got my fellow Goma killer TIMER/ANGRY WOEBOT on a full page pic. I know I gave up swearing but I would have to send a big “EFF YOU!” to Goma Tei in Ward. Not the same. No extra noodles(but they got curry….oooh…nevermind….LOYALTY)! I might tolerate it if Goma Ichi is closed but don’t be lazy. Go down couple blocks and get the real deal.


Followed that with a quick trip to TooGruvz and then the dreaded trip to Mililani to finish my first class section at the University of Phoenix. Ended school early. Ate Zippy’s Chili Frank and called it a day.

WAX AND RAMEN!- next album title maybe? hahahaha

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