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Well it’s Sunday and I went church 2 times this weekend and help set up for church last night till midnight and partied with the Omo Ohana all day yesterday (happy birthday Koltrane!) but I feel like crap. Still coughing up crazy colored galagalas. Anywho I finished my first assignment for my new Communications class that starts Wednesday and everything online forces me to be online. Decided to try and post a blog on The 808 Scene Zine but I’m still having issues. Then I checked my emails. Man I have emails from 5 years ago that I never email the people anymore. So I decided to dump some. But I also found a few jems like the mp3s to the Proliteariots 7″ single (thanks Observ) and a few pics that I never saved on my photo albums. Thought maybe i share a few

Chibby-the new mommy to Barack, Chun-Li, and Stubby Storm
A BayVI ad I found with Topic. Was suppose to be for a BayVI post I never did. BAYVI

that’s all for now. I go back to watching Harry Potter and eating Saimin

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