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Well for the past couple days i’ve been hacking out galagalas like no tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be over it soon. But I noticed one big part of my life that I just not able to eat right now….CHEESE! Man I love cheese but if I eat any it makes me cough even more and I end up spitting most of it out after eating in my galagalas. What a waste. But man hamburgers suck without cheese. Cheese and mac is not even an option. Oh the misery.

Speaking of which. Heard this song on KTUH on the drive to town this morning. I like it. Yeah not hiphop. And no I don’t rave or glowstick dance or house or melborne shuffle(thanks doug upp!) or do exstacy or nothing. Glowsticks are fun to cut open and drip all over the place and play predator though. Point is I like other types of music. Don’t want to go digging for it but if it finds my ear and i like it then too bad. Boats n hoes!

Here you go. Tina Arena/Roc Project-Never (Past Tense) Breaks Edit

If you got a copy of the song on wax or mp3 share with me!

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