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While waking up today and somewhat being stoked to start a new class today for school I turned on the news to see two shootings sprees, one in Germany, one in Alabama. Today’s post was suppose to be about how news stations are getting competitive with the morning broadcasts (I can’t wait for streaming TV on iPhones so can watch in the car instead of missing the goods… the passenger gonna watch, then update the driver…. Be SAFE! No playing video games and driving!) but that can wait for later. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for anyone, myself included. But man people must be hurting to get nuts and kill your own mom, burn her house, and kill more people after that and shootout with the police. But everyone needs Jesus no matter how good or bad your situation. My church always says invite others to get to know Jesus. Well I might not be inviting you in person but I’m inviting you on my blog(hey 2000 people a month read it, over 100 people just yesterday). Nick Vujicic is going to be speaking at Grace Bible Church at LCC this sunday morning. Seen him speak on tv. His story is crazy. No arms, no legs. I would be pissed off. Not him. This invite isn’t no sideshow spectacle but if that’s what it takes to get you to go then so be it. Just come. If you already going church then great! If you not going church maybe this post is for you. *if you thinking about this in your head again then you the person this is for!

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