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First of all i case you didn’t know I hardly take my own pics. Second I jack choke pics from the internet and don’t give photo credits. Sorry. But I don’t have time as a mover and shaker. When I can pay my assistant or whoever to post photocredits I will but till then sorry. Well for my supposedly two sentence post I need a plate lunch pic. I googled mix plate and this is the pic that showed up first. Open it up. From another blog. Didn’t even read the article and I knew from instinct that it was a mix plate from RAINBOWS! KAPAHULU BABY!!!!

Ok here’s what the post is suppose to be.

This morning I ate some chicken katsu leftovers from Zippy’s for breakfast. I thought about eating the cabbage they put under the fried stuff to make plate look nice and soak oil maybe. But the real question is are you suppose to eat it cus its veggies or leave it alone cus it got the oil on it? If you know the answer email me. Things that make you go hmmm?

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