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First thing you should know, I hate Kailua. Not as much as Ewa Beach (sorry if you live both neighborhoods…but just my opinion) but I can’t stand Kailua. Too many cops. Too many rich haoles in Lanikai. Just not for me. Well I decided since my lady needed to get a darth vader mask thingy we should grind at Boots N Kimos. Wasn’t the greatest. But they had winners Mac Pancakes. But the omelet wasn’t the greatest. I could make better at home. And the fried rice was good but not great. What sucked was the $10 price tag. You Kailua peeps got so much money they tax you for breakfast. BOO! Now I don’t say no go there. It was cool. Different and I liked the football stuff. But after spending almost $40 for breakfast for two (two omelets and mac pancakes and guava juice for one) I rather go KOA PANCAKE HOUSE!!!!! Same $40 and I could feed 6 people. For the whatevers…….

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