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Ok i gotta rant my two cents. WalMart gang initiations made me mad. First if it was true that sucks! Nobody kill nobody! And i think gangs are wack!!!!! You wanna belong that’s cool but just hang out. Don’t kill and fight and slang drugs or whatevers bad thing gangs do. Second people gotta stop being scared about things. Violence happens everywhere. Im scared to be in Waianae or Nanakuli or Makaha after the sun goes down. But crap Ewa Beach had the stabbing of Asa Yamashita (big ups to her husband and the way he’s handling it. I woulda been pissed off and killed the guy back or something stupid. Props on the self control!) and that shooting with the ex girlfriend with the TRO. Kalihi, Waimanalo, Honolulu, Kaimuki, Palolo, Kahalu’u, crap there’s gangsters everywhere and violence everywhere. But there’s also good people there too and more incidences of good acts and kindness compared to the crappy events like being killed, theft, arson, crime, you name it. The Walmart shooting thing spread like crazy and people kept saying “watch somebody dumb gonna copycat it and actually do it”. WACK! Paranoia will destroy ya!

Imagine if people texted words of hope, encouragement, and positivity!

Im gonna text people Jesus Loves You!

I hate that this post is semi negative so im reposting this Kero 1 video i stole from Thanks Jake.

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