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Yesterday was crazy. March Madness got me all nuts. Nova hurting UCLA right now(game not done but if I gonna lose then let it be a BLOWOUT by 60 points! word!) Well after heading to Aaron Yoshino’s “The End Is Near” show (pigs pic my favorite) I headed to my Aiea office to watch Kamehameha Song Contest. Yeah I went to Kamehameha and that means I could be anything from a Neurosurgeon to a nutcase but Song Contest was the best and is still dope. It’s the common thread all alumni have. You had to earn Spring Break by practicing from Christmas Break to rock Song Contest. I got song contest stories from homies skating an manualling a stage to throwing chairs and breaking an entire section of chairs to almost getting expelled from Kamehameha. Anywho I just watch song contest to make sure nobody else sweeps like we did my senior year. Watching from the outside is pretty fun too. Watching people butcher song and wondering why all the great Hawaiian Language speakers have GAY TENDENCIES!!!!! Not saying there’s no macho manly Hawaiian speakers but too many mahu guys for the same video montage no good. Put some Lua practitioners or Kumu Mele or somebody that loves women! Ok. maybe an exaggeration and no i don’t hate gay people, they cool as hell, just don’t flame too much Mary! But here’s to spring break. Whether you get to enjoy it or not. Sometimes I wish it would snow. Or at least stay cool. Not looking forward to summer heat. Sexy Beasts sweat easily.

No more youtube of MY YEAR so nobody gets songcontest clip. Get a founders day clip.

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