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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Now i gotta give DJ Eskae credit for getting me hooked on this single. I got the heart record BIG UPS DELVE1DER!!!!! from Kicks/Hi. Love the song. ehhh on the b side. Can’t wait to see if the album is just as dope. word!


Big ups to for the flix! Well this past saturday I headed to the Palama Settlement wall with the Wild Elephants and 808 urban guys for a day of buffing, pizza, and fun. Didn’t plan on painting but did get a few buff sessions. Then decided to “get up” with the leftovers in the paint tray and a stick from the monkey pod tree. Was cool. But after adding my blue drop shaddow, it was a masterpiece! Not. HAHAHAHAHA After a day of buffing and painting I ended up going home only to paint the fence. No joke. Big ups to everyone that came through! Carol, Danny, Honozooloo, Prime, Wild Elephants, EV, BS, DE, and the keikis with no slippers. Kalihi. Yep.

Well I’m suppose to be writing my paper but i decided to blog since im waiting for the final Fantasy Factory of the season. I dunno why MTV loves skating but good. Too bad the Life of Ryan show SUCKS. But they had good stuff like Viva La Bam, Jackass, etc. And now they follow up the successful Rob & Big(Big Black and BamBam need to make some cameos in the Factory!) with Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. I like it cus it’s a fun show. Like people with hustle being successful and having a blast doing it.

Speak truth time: I personally think about having an indoor skatepark all the time like the Alien Workshop spot in Philly or Inner Space in Seattle or the Berrics in LA or something like the old Kapahulu skatepark. A place can skate all the time (yeah I can’t olie but i’ll tictac for days) and paint for the writers at the same time be functional for other things like concerts and whatnots. Lightsleepers skatepark. Please Jesus. Amen.

The crew grows bigger. This one belongs to my girl. Roll call: Kita, Muffin, Chibbi, Sabretooth, Barack, Chun Li, Stubby Storm, and Albino! Hey nicole get ready to take home a black version!
Thanks Richelle for photos.

*sidenote-NO YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY!!!!!


Crap has it been two years since i got the message? So the story be told! Well a while back I get a message on MYSPACE (Facebook you gotta prove yourself to me!) about a project of artist rocking priority postal stickers and collecting them for a book. I emailed the homie back and me and Camden have been conversing since. He asked if I knew any good artist……of course i do! So I always want to put Hawai’i on the map and never like wasting a good opportunity. Well flash forward to yesterday and I get a post in the Lightsleepers forum asking “What every happened to this Label 228 project?” from Why (he did a sticker for me…THANKS!) Well I decided to look into it and thought Camden was still looking for a publisher. To my surprise he found one and you can preorder the book. I don’t remember who from Hawai’i was in it. I know Why, Biester, Graffzilla, Joshua Giraffe, Melk, Newkon, and a few others but i forgot already. I don’t even know which ones made the book. I know I sent my only Angry Woebots postal sticker from my personal collection to get in the book, but everything will be a surprise when I buy the book. Big ups Camden!

Preorder your book here on Amazon

and check the book’s website here

Buy a copy!

Be good to the environment. Well I was cleaning my car out and I found my Motion City Soundtrack cds. I like them a lot. Have my favorite Motion City vid. No reason. My blog. I likey.


Well I’ve been MIA for the friday and saturday getting a gut check and prepping to get my grown man on and working towards my job/home/60k prayer request (pray this happens please! I know it i will, but support is appreciated!) and missed a bunch of things like watching Merrie Monarch, a munny show (did this even happen?) and the FITTED website launch party. Seen the pics on Contrast blog. Big ups to the guys helping out the Hawaii Food Bank that also launched their annual food drive on the same day.

My 2 cents: FITTED gets props in my book for many reasons. First they established their presence as a hat store WORLDWIDE! I remember when Ola was telling me about the idea at a skate contest for FITTED before opening when he was doing his esoteric womens stuff (you should still do the customized shirts for the ladies!) I thought was a dope concept, and it looks like everyone else thinks so. They also were the FIRST STORE TO STOCK 3XL SHIRTS ON A REGULAR! I appreciate that as a big guy. They also rock the Hawaii thing hard without being corny. How many people rock that Kamehameha hat? They made a bunch in different colorways yet people still want them. Crap I want one. I don’t even wear hats. The other thing is they always have new product and don’t worry about seasons. Their Tues/Sat drop schedule seems to have everyone rocking one of their hats or shirts(or both!). I only have one UH Fitted (hey was super cheap on sale and I love UH) but I got at least 10 of their shirts because the designs are SICK.

Hawaiians can do anything well and THEY CAN DO IT FROM HERE IN HAWAII! Mainland is dope but don’t mean you gotta go there to do your thing. Big Ups Fitted! I still gotta get my ALOHA SERVED DAILY stickers.

Big ups DJ Bone! GOT RICE!

Was cleaning my room and found the first Kardi album Firestarter Vol. 1. I like Kardi but his last album sucked. He always has dope verses on other peoples songs. He kinda looks like Jus10. They should battle! HAHAHAHAHA

Les Keiter was Hawaii sports to me. Can’t even remember who else was broadcasting sports back when I was a keiki. I want him to get a statue at Aloha Stadium. Serious. Maybe I go get this done.