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New song from Black Eyed Peas. So sad. I like the beat but it’s nothing new. Common did similar but did decent lyrics. Justin Timberlake and TI did better. I’m just over the hype future sound. People left the 80’s and trying to be Outkast or whatevers. Vocoders and Voice Box is only for Teddy Reily and Blackstreet and Zapp and Roger.

BLACK EYED PEAS WAS THE SHIZNITS WHEN THEY FIRST DROPPED! first two albums murdered. I remember seeing a shirt in TooGruvz with Will.I.Am’s verse from Falling Up on the front. Wanted it but never had my size. Watched their videos on The Box before class. Remember nobody knew who they was and they only had there vids on Yo! MTV raps or Pirate TV. Times have changed. Fergie made them suck! Yeah they make bank and yeah they can dance and yeah they made Freestyle Sessions VIII go down but man where is the lyrics!!!!! Watch GOOD BEP!

ps. sad that youtube don’t let you rock dope versions of videos. they take it down

pps. funny that i know at least five people in the Bebot video not including BEP or Jasmine Trias

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