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Before I start new post I had to edit BEP post. Just so you don’t think I’m hating I remember going to see Black Eyed Peas at Aloha Tower with my girl, catching free Viper fins, and stealing shirts from WERDUPSTU! That concert was the shit, but if they came back….I just might go just to hear classic pre fergie BEP.

Well I’m addicted to Twitter more than Myspace. Found DJ Jazzy Jeff and wanted to make sure was him. I not sure but had link to his website. First thing I found was FREE DOWNLOAD! Now I’m hella chang recently cus I gonna buy a house in 2 years(PRAY FOR THIS PLEASE! GOD WILL PROVIDE! I BELIEVE WHOLE HEARTEDLY!!!!) but I love free music. Second I LOVE FREE DOPE MUSIC! Jazzy Jeff remixed dope songs and made it free. Thanks JJ! big ups! DOWNLOAD IT AT HIS WEBSITE BELOW! HE BUSTED HIS BUTT, LEAST YOU CAN DO IS LISTEN! Tracks you love too! Wu Tang-Cream, Nas, HOV, Biggie, good stuff for free.

And just cus it’s almost summertime but feels like summer time always in Hawai`i, have a video!
Adjust the Bass and let the Alpine blast!

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