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This weekend is Easter Sunday. The entire foundation of my faith is that Jesus rose from the dead after dying on the cross for EVERYONES sins. It would be awesome if you believed so, but if you don’t that’s cool. God still loves you. But I would like to invite all to Easter services everywhere. This is the services my church, Grace Bible Church, provides for your convenience. Easter eggs, jelly beans, and chocolate bunnys are cool. But Jesus is the reason for the season. My last invite with Nick Vujicic was so popular that people were overflowing the auditorium. I decided why not invite YOU (if you reading this then this is directed to you! Yes you). I guess they got donuts or something (donuts is winners) cus Auntie Camille got me helping out. If you come just so I can give you a donut i’ll take that. 9AM service i think i working. Happy Easter.

PS. you guys that just go church Easter and Christmas (that use to be me) you better go sunday but you should go all the time, not just those holidays. Jesus loves you everyday.

PPS. GBC and Lightsleepers presents INERTIA 6: COME TRUE! MAY 23, 2009! MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

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