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Happy Easter! Hope you had a great Sunday. I’ve been busy with two jobs (sounds good but not fun but paying bills is nice! thanks Jesus!) finishing a class for school, and BEATROOT CHAMPIONSHIPS. But here’s my Easter posts I never did.

Last supper. Jesus used wine and bread for body and blood. If I had a last supper would be something like squid lu’au or rainbows mixed plate gravy all over. Imagine if you went church and communion was Rainbows or hawaiian food. People would pack the church. But hey that’s why I’m just Lofa and not Jesus. And I like when churches use grape juice instead of wine cus sometimes the wine taste horrible.

Good Friday I was never a big fan of Good Friday. Yes Jesus died on the cross that day for you and me but I hate the thought of how much pain and suffering HE went through. Thanks Jesus. And I hated that you couldn’t eat meat. My mom’s church did that and them Catholic churches too. But thankfully my church don’t. I was eating mochiko chicken on Good Friday but felt bad like I shoulda ate something healthy like salad or fish. Something Jesus would have eaten. Maybe a gyro. And I don’t like hot cross buns. I like what they symbolize but they never tasted good to me. Maybe I don’t like rasins. Maybe they should make hot cross donuts! Anyways, THANKS JESUS FOR YOUR SACRIFICE! 3pm! JESUS TIME! Opposite of dead time for you Paranormal State watchers (don’t mess with that stuff! It’s real!)

Saturday Jesus chillin in the tomb I guess. Bible just skips that day. The apostles was sad and Jesus’ fam and friends too.

*sidenote-Jesus is my buddy. I love Clerks. Jesus has sense of humor too (but not crude…MARK!) hahahaha. lighten up! IT’S EASTER!

EASTER SUNDAY Empty tomb. He rises. Tells the ladies He’s gone. Sins forgiven. WORD! Thanks for a second chance in life! I know second chances are great but imagine when you don’t have one. When I mess up and gotta live with my mistakes that sucks. Forgiveness is great to recieve, hard to give, but both are necessary!

This Sunday I attended 9AM service while hanging from arriving home from Beatroot Championships at 3:00AM (thanks to all who came! Sorry to all that couldn’t get in due to age limits.) Grace Bible Church hooked it up with manapuas and pastries. Jesus loves char siu bao! LOFA TOO! Was so packed had to go to the outside tent for service on the big screen. I always see them people outside at New Hope at Farrington High and never could do that. I want inside. I felt the same way today. But that one guy that recieved Jesus today made everything worthwhile. Big ups to all who took my invitation and came. Hope you had a manapua and a great time.

I know I told yall I was on donut (andagi this time) duty but there was plenty on help for that but was asked to help greet people for the 10:45 service. I had a blast. Sing some praise and worship songs blasting on the JBLs outside, see my friends, meet new people, get more tan, good times kicking it with my girl passing out programs. Ate some manapuas, went to Dole plantation and ate Dole Whip. Good day indeed.

Yeah this post is long, but who cares. And just cus Easter is over don’t think I not gonna stop inviting you to church. Two people received Jesus because of my blog. That’s all that matters. When you ready, He’s waiting….He’s always ready.

PS. while looking for pics to steal on the net i found this pic that makes me stoked just cus of the good use of spreading the news.

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