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Crap has it been two years since i got the message? So the story be told! Well a while back I get a message on MYSPACE (Facebook you gotta prove yourself to me!) about a project of artist rocking priority postal stickers and collecting them for a book. I emailed the homie back and me and Camden have been conversing since. He asked if I knew any good artist……of course i do! So I always want to put Hawai’i on the map and never like wasting a good opportunity. Well flash forward to yesterday and I get a post in the Lightsleepers forum asking “What every happened to this Label 228 project?” from Why (he did a sticker for me…THANKS!) Well I decided to look into it and thought Camden was still looking for a publisher. To my surprise he found one and you can preorder the book. I don’t remember who from Hawai’i was in it. I know Why, Biester, Graffzilla, Joshua Giraffe, Melk, Newkon, and a few others but i forgot already. I don’t even know which ones made the book. I know I sent my only Angry Woebots postal sticker from my personal collection to get in the book, but everything will be a surprise when I buy the book. Big ups Camden!

Preorder your book here on Amazon

and check the book’s website here

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