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Well I’m suppose to be writing my paper but i decided to blog since im waiting for the final Fantasy Factory of the season. I dunno why MTV loves skating but good. Too bad the Life of Ryan show SUCKS. But they had good stuff like Viva La Bam, Jackass, etc. And now they follow up the successful Rob & Big(Big Black and BamBam need to make some cameos in the Factory!) with Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. I like it cus it’s a fun show. Like people with hustle being successful and having a blast doing it.

Speak truth time: I personally think about having an indoor skatepark all the time like the Alien Workshop spot in Philly or Inner Space in Seattle or the Berrics in LA or something like the old Kapahulu skatepark. A place can skate all the time (yeah I can’t olie but i’ll tictac for days) and paint for the writers at the same time be functional for other things like concerts and whatnots. Lightsleepers skatepark. Please Jesus. Amen.

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