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How come no more Brothers Caz shows…I never went but bet you plenty people missing it. Anywho guess who else Hawaiian besides the Hawaiians over at Fitted? THIS GUY! and all the other Kamehameha grads…and the other Hawaiians roaming the land. May Day sucked for me when you had to do program small kid times. I hated dancing hula….not me….i rather do top rocks. But yeah I like Hawaiian shirts(specially cus can pass for business casual…keep your tie!) and Hawaiian food (squid lu’au and laulau and haupia and lomi salmon and teri chicken….hahaha) and I love getting leis that smell dope and I LOVE BEING HAWAIIAN IN HAWAI’I! NEVER WANNA LEAVE! HEAVEN UNTILL I GET TO THE REAL HEAVEN! Anywho: MAYDAY! woke up and seen my homegirl Lauren Kanoelani Chang dancing at Kapi’olani park on KGMB sunrise this morning. She’s this years May Day Queen for the City and County of Honolulu. YEAH! She was a runner up in 2006 with my other homegirl Jorena Young. This year she Queen. Word. I can’t find video of her dancing but i did find this.

And now a word from my sponsor: Lauren Kanoelani Chang. How’s her hustle. MEEEEEAN! Congrats L-Boogie!

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