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Was watching MTV the other day and some R&B song came on. Popolo guy singing “Yo man treet u like GAAAAABIJ!”(translation for the hoales: your man treats you like garbage) or something like that “you a queen you deserve better” kinda ballad, trying to be Jodeci (Come and talk to me! I wanna knoooooowwwwww!) Now ladies you should be treated like a queen, fellas stop treating them like hos, bitches, or whatever shitty way you treat them (yeah i could fall in this category sometimes…no longer). Crap if you a woman and you treating yo man like crap stop it too! But I’m over this kine songs. Maybe I just want better FEEL GOOD MUSIC. Oh well. But then I realized this song was stuck in my head. Not cus he’s stoned or nintendo. It’s just catchy. American Hi-Fi. Watch this version i found. Get the views up. Not the greatest but I can relate the the chubby guy. He’s gonna get her, his pimp hand is way strong. Enjoy.

Moral of the story: STOP TREATING PEOPLE LIKE SHIET!!!!!!!

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