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whoever’s pic i stole….the buggah mean!

Well today I had to go back to Waianae to take another test for a different job. Now I still don’t like to go past Target in Kapolei but when i have to I always feel a need to see what the waves is like in Makaha. Today no different. But I hit Makaha and still had time to kill. So i went drive till I hit the satellite tracker at KAENA POINT! Now Kaena point and all the Waianae Coast is dope. But amongst the beautiful beaches are clusters of homeless camps and TRASH! Now Waianae/Makaha got CHOKE homeless. It sucks. But sometimes they CHOOSE to live like that. Some of them need help to get out and they doing there thing, working, trying to make ends meet. Big ups to them. But the others, man i don’t get it. Drinking all day. Drugs. Chilling on the beach counting sand. Man. And to see kids living like that makes me super sad. Then seeing crosses where people got banged by cars and died RIGHT NEXT TO THE HOMIES TENT!!!!! That sucks even more. I don’t have the answer. Mufi don’t either. But Mufi can at least send some trash trucks to pick up the piles of tires, trash, and whatevers.
PS. Mufi making a homeless shelter in Chinatown. The homeless guy interviewed on TV said he not gonna go. Choices people. Choices! Don’t do drugs!

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