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Well today is MY DAY! Thanks Jesus for three decades on earth. A quick look back to see the timeline. Somethings get better. Driving an xBox instead of rocking crappy cars or the bus. Something never change. Still love toys and stickers. But this latest decade has been the biggest rollercoaster ride thusfar. Thought teenage years was the tipping point. It wasn’t. So as my journey continues I decided to do a few things. Back in high school I always wanted to surf. Being a Kapahulu Wall Rat (not official but was there long enough that i should have been) I was a huge sponger and continued as I murdered Pounders and Makapu’u (I’m scared of Sandy’s….SHUT UP! STOP LAFFING!) Well I taught myself how to longboard (no can shortboard…9’0″ shortest i ride) but my boadyboard got kadhafi’ed by a neighbor who wanted to borrow it. So as a birthday present to myseld I bought a new Madrid board from my homie Mark Klein. Mark is one of the coolest haole guys I know, met him at my small group ohana. Well he’s the first guy I know with an actual board model named after him. I bought one and some fins and hit the water. I still got it. No rollos yet but I’ll be working on it all summer long. Here’s a pic of Mark doing it big!
Here’s a pic of my new ride!
So while I enjoy my vacation from jobs and get ready for bboy battles I’ll be dawn patroling! Let’s hear it for Summer!
and don’t forget to come to my birthday party! INERTIA 6!

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