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This year’s Inertia 6 BBoy Battle was the best battle in a long time. The heads supported (even some parents). I gotta send my shout outs to all who made it possible. First thanks Jesus. Serious. HUGE BIG UPS TO GRACE BIBLE CHURCH! They’ve been helping me and KTC do Inertia for a few years now. Yeah they get all the money but hey its for the keikis. ME AND KAVET GET NOTHING! FYI I spent almost $200 with no chance to recoop crap. But daym I had hella fun and it’s money well spent. But this year was the best year set up/breakdown wise and any time you don’t gotta worry about a sound system or security(Pops! Clint! Homeboy on the floor!) or a door girl is winners! GBC! Second gotta thank my DJs Observ(he showed up! OLIVER WHERE YOU HIDING!), DJ ENJAY(sp?) for holding down the fort, and DJ Jus Jones for bringing the breaks and hooking me up with that funky nassau 45!
Special mahalos to Krazy for board duty and painting alongside my homies Rival, Reak, Biester, Hinano, Why, and Ohana.
(thanks Why for pics)
Thanks to all the sponsors. Redbull (thanks Rob), Xprmnt (Alert, Spel, DJ Skid), Chunk & Ape(Yeah Chunk!), The Starfish Guy (he gave away a painting! WORD!), Guttersnipe (my San Diego homies!), Mechahawaii(Sean), Aych Kay(Thnk), Natural Koncept (Katch1), Prolifik Projects(Micah), Redifine Designs(Lawrence), atypicalLIVING(MrJ.ALLDAY), SIQ, Fumanchu(Joey, Hachi), the Pocket Full Of Monsters, HONOZOOLOO, the Lightsleepers Ohana, Kavet the Catalyst (my PIC!*) and everyone who helped make this event possible.
Big ups to everyone that came, the people that entered the bboy and blackbook battles, everyone that bought something from the snack booth(all that goes to GBC youth camp too!), and everyone for keeping it possitive, not tagging the school, and having fun. And everyone that I forgot(i hope i didn’t…i get mad too when people forget me) thanks!

Till next May (or next time…maybe November?) the biggest mahalos!
With love, Lofa!

*see movie: Rolemodels

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