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A video from Sig Zane about how he came up with his Pu’umanawale’a design. I like the concept and how the shirts look. But the fact he cut it out of amberlith is crazy. I did a LOFA design back in Kamehamhea for silkscreening class (whattup Mr. Dong!) with an xacto knife in amberlith. That sucks balls! Glad they invented emulsions. I dream HARD about having Lightsleepers aloha shirts one day. You think it’s easy to design a pattern that will be dope on a shirt but man that’s harder than creating a regular tshirt design. Now truth be known i don’t own that many dope aloha shirts cus they don’t make that many dope shirts in my size or i can’t afford them. One day I’ll either make choke money or get hella skinny. Guess which option i’m gonna choose.

PS. Big ups Kuha’o for the window display. Serious.

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