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How’s the Caballero art! He’s one of my fav old skool skaters amongst others like Hosoi, Mountain, and Hawk. Today is Father’s Day and Go Skateboarding Day. Here’s my advise. MAKE YOUR DAD HAPPY! It don’t take much. Get him a dope steak or just feed him. Get a gift he likes (can be cheap as hell but as long as it’s something he loves he’ll be stoked. Li Hing Mui. Ice Cream. Golf Balls. Taegu. Butter Mochi. Shoes from Kicks/Hi($40! Today last day!) Angry Woebots shirt($25 bucks. Men’s sizes S-XL. email me). But make sure you tell him you love him and make sure he’s happy. Don’t be a douchebag and forget about him just because it’s Go Skateboarding Day or because Element is doing a flat bar event at Millzville. You can always skate later. What would be dope is if your dad skated, then you could kill two birds one skatepark! HAHAHAHA Have fun! All you married moms-steaks and two letters work on this occasion very well!

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