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Well Saturday I woke up too late for dawn patrol (I don’t wanna surf or bodyboard with 100 people in the lineup. I WILL RIDE OVER YOU! You think i can turn and dodge you begginers….I can….but sometimes it’s fun to go strait!). And with a few hours to kill in the morning my o lady said “why you no go check out the book sale”. Good suggestion indeed. With my vast skills in digging in unwelcoming circumstances to reveal treasures at events like record sales, garage sales, swap meets, the bargain video bin at wal mart, the entire store at Jelly’s, I knew i was bound to get at least ONE jem or something to read. A good book i did not find. A good comic book, yes they delivered. Picked up a few comics i used to read and restarted my collection of PITT and also able to pick up copies of Pineapple Man (local comic book that i used to read when i bought comics from JJ’s in Kaneohe….no stay no more). I also noticed somebody donated their entire comic book collection and about a hundred copies of Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.S. number 1. i bought some copies. And luckily I happened to go on half price day. Bonus. Glad there’s no record sale this year cus last years one sucked under the tent(i can’t wait!). The guy on the mic at the booksale said they made $13,000 more than last year. Good. Too bad i don’t use the library. I’m Hawaiian Chinese Haole mixed plate! See you there next year. don’t sleep!
check their website!(hey Jorge!)
And if you dunno who Pitt is, here ya go.

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