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Well I dunno what kinda video player they use so i had to use a toy brief video from youtube but for the past two months i’ve been finding myself trying to backtrack and watchin entire catalogs of video blogs like Maestro Knows(seen them all in an hour, fool got a NikeID card…BASTARD!) and what nots. But one of my favorite ones has been Toy Break. Ayleen and George (and sometimes Matt) break down the latest toy releases and blind boxes and what nots. They don’t always have the greatest toys to review but they got funny commentary and help pass the time while you wait for the other members of your school learning team to finish the homework you already did (Don’t sleep on homework…that’s where the A’s are! Not finals! A’s in homework plus F in finals equals C. You do better on finals you get better grades. Don’t take final and STILL GET A C! WORD! Just like bowling-games won with spares not strikes!) Anywho check out the real videos(they kinda long) at Toy Break

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