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Fireworks Show
Well Friday I found myself wanting to watch some fireworks at Aloha Tower (shuttup Benny and Humdrum!) and thought “I’ll beat the crowd and park chinatown and walk”. Only to realize that it was First Friday. Was a buzzkill at first but thought “maybe it’ll help me kill time before the 8:45 show in the sky”. It did. Finally found street parking after 4 attempts to find a cheap parking lot (who would think $10 for evening parking was a deal? one place charged $12.) i finally started the night. First Friday has somewhat never excited me. I used to work for the Honolulu Weekly when they started First Fridays and had to drop off balloons to all the venues walking from the old APB all over downtown. Back then nobody really rocked it. After it started to take off every now and then a homie might have an art show at Studio 1 or whereevers. That made it a little better. But after a while it seems to be all the “hippies/yuppies” trying to be all artsy and cultured took over and the vibe was never dope. So i never returned.
My first stop of the night was to see Soho. The place looks dope as it used to be the old Pauahi’s. That place was ghetto and a micronesian bar. Seen Josh Martinez and Black Empty perform there as Pauahi. Soho is way doper. But the music wasn’t that dope when i went and didn’t see any art. Rock Shop was set up but nobody shopping. Maybe im too early or just wasn’t poppin.
Next spot. NEXT DOOR. Finally got to see the 2059 exhibit from Honozooloo/Airspace Workshop i gotta get this QR code to work now. Good to see Next Door open and they surely had the buzz of the night with the upcoming DIPLO show on July 31! HOLLERTRONIX! Good to see TED! But why is Jamal on the Big Island???? Later met up with Mc5B and his homie Oliver to check out Ara and the alternative/indie kids at the Loft. Was cool. The drummer played his kick drum on a keyboard stand with a drumstick. Cool. The bass player had serato for his bass(maybe?). Bounced to get a spot to watch the fireworks. Was cool. But some of the stuff that were popping was the same stuff i pick up for New Years. eh? After the show went back to Chinatown and ran into DJ 45 Revolver leaving Indigos and struggling to pull creates through the throngs of thongs(hows my rhymes!) and hotties. Around the corner in the park was a Capoiera cypher and a weird drum circle on the other corner of the block.
Got hungry so I went to look for Otto Cake. Found the spot but was sold out. Gotta go back. Congrats Otto. Whattup Josh. Later found Ghesoul, Shannon, and Omega 6 errrr MC Enemy. Enemy had a drum and bass gig at Mercury. Finally was gonna see him do is autobot dont wanna stop beebopashoowop but to no luck cus DJ Kause came and dug out leaving O6 djless. What he gonna rhyme over if he got no beats? Also ran into Lucky of Soul Signature Tattoo fame. He showed us his homeboy’s soon to be dope bar across the street from Next Door. Super sick location. Well the crew headed to Lotus for the Shingo2 show. I headed home. For me was a dope night. BUT WAS DOPE BECAUSE OF MY HOMIES! Not the events or the art. First Fridays is just a huge singles bar with a splash of crackheads and homeless and a hint of cultured hipsters. When there’s a dope show i’ll be back for sure. Maybe i just miss the grimmy chinatown.

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