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Sorry for delays. Im excited to go on my annual (God willing) excursion. Well this Sunday had to leave the house empty so that they could varnish the stairs. After leaving church I wanted to see a beach. Didn’t have a board or shorts. But I wanted to see Sea Turtles. *mahu voice* SEA TURTLES! So I headed up to North Shore. But I didn’t want the same Hale’iwa routine. No Stortos, Mastumotos, Aokis, Hulihuli chicken from the church spot, or shrimp trucks. No nothing Hale’iwa, all bypass road. Made me small kine sad to not make the left turn. Even more bummed when I seen they had their own Farmers Market of the beach. But turtles was the agenda. So me and the ‘ohana went to that turtle beach and seen this homie (pic above) chillin. Super dope. But how come only haole people get free time to protect the honus? After wading in the water and trying not to get my camera in my cargo pocket wet from the waves we left the beach. Everyone wanna see turtles or jump of Waimea rock. That’s where the traffic stay. After passing the traffic and a four car accident cus homeboy was spocking wahines I got hungry (big surprize! hahahaha) and decided I wanted pie from Ted’s Bakery cus i passed all the good grinds spots (that’s why its called bypass road…bypass Stortos and shave ice. BOOO!) Got to ted’s and they sell plate lunch and shrimp (get one of them blue shrimp trucks right next door too…..competiton is fierce……go Macky’s!) Picked me up some chocolate haupia, and some pumpkin haupia. No more strawberry that day. But my ol lady stumped me and got this.
stolen pic again….why do i need camera sometimes? everyone else get better pics.
anwho.. PINEAPPLE CHEESECAKE. Oh boy this is LEGIT! My new fav. I had this before from the Dole place with the Dole Whip and the train and the koi pond and the maze. But so much better directly from the bakery. Get pineapple cake as a crust. No honey made grahms……CAKE! Well I returned home with a full belly and memories of honus and limu. Next time no bypass road for me! But the real question is Pineapple cheesecake or shave ice with ice cream?

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