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(pic is Palos Verdes photo…no more Pedro but this is up the hill)
Well before I headed to San Diego for 2009 Comic-con i took a little detour to my homie’s Palmetto’s place in San Pedro. Place is nice. Can stand outside in direct sunlight and not be hot at all. Perfect weather. Natural outdoor A/C.
they got crows instead of myna birds. Safeway is called Vons(my phone number for my safeway card worked at Vons but my name was Mr. Matteo) and other cool things. But the highlight for me was Gaffey Street Diner. Never heard of the place but I’ve seen it on Foot Network’s Diner’s Drive Inns and Dives.
Got to kick it with current Pedro resident Angry Woebot
Woes and Palmetto kept hyping the biscuits and gravy. I was hungry. So I said hook it up. Then they said don’t look at nothing, you getting DISNEYLAND WAFFLES! What the hell is that? I said ok. The waitress didn’t know what Disneyland waffles was either….they don’t call it that. It’s called French Toast Supreme. They asked the waitress(their staff is cool as hell!) and aunty said they only do it on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. My luck it was Friday. BOO! So after the boys told the waitress that I flew all the way from Hawaii for it. She went back saying the cooks gonna get mad. But while the cooks was bitching the owner walked in the kitchen asking what the hubbub was about. Aunty told him and he told the cooks “Go grab that bread from across the street. we gotta make it for him!” Word. Big ups to them guys. This shows up on the table.
Look at the biscuit behind the supreme! Those are SINGLE biscuits. THEY APOLOGIZED SAYING THEY USUALLY MAKE IT BETTER!
Here’s how they make it for tv (they have this pic on the wall. Reppin Guy! Word)
I was sad…..
I was so sad that the waitress said I ate the entire thing faster than anyone in the HISTORY of the diner. Word!

Pedro was great. Didn’t take much pics cus was hella foggy or I was lazy. Crap I’m on vacation! Leave me alone! No pics of where they film Pirates of the Caribbean. No pics of Donald Trump’s Country Club and golf course. No pics of Del Amo Mall where they shot Bad Santa or Lucky Strike with the meanest Shepard Fairey collection of prints and original art pieces.

Well I spent a few days having fun. Love Pedro. Can’t wait to go back!

PS. They also have this….if you know, you know what’s up. If not. So sad!

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