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Gotta bang this out so i can delete some stuffs.
Comic Con is dope cus you never know who you gonna find. Last year my celeb run in was Seth Rogan hiding in a KR yummy donut hat and hella skinny. This year was walking across the street with Mila Kunis. I didn’t get the pic from Ralphie yet. But then you also get to meet your favorite artist and whatnot so many times that they end up being homies more than celebs. Here’s Murs kicking it with Timer. Fans and friends. Nice. Murs said he coming Hawaii……I hope with Slug and Ant to promote FELT 3! or bring Paid Dues festival to town.
the only pic I took with a celeb is Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack. Seen them live at Pipeline. I likey! And they sing my favorite song

Then there’s the list of people i didn’t see….Robert Downy Jr., Megan Fox (she shut down the convention center and caused a fire hazard), Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, etc….. But then again the one thing people kept telling me was to “Take a pic of Olivia Munn”.
Last year I missed her. This year this is the closest i got to her. Host of G4’s Attack of the Show and Playboy covergirl (even though she’s not naked. that’s when you know you hot. Not naked in a nude mag.)
Playboy had an ice cream truck outside the con that was giving free O.Munn playboys and an ice cream bar. Double bonus? Maybe. But was hella weird to see that so many WOMEN wanted playboys.
Well my homie Mark was celebrating his birthday at SDCC and i didn’t buy him nothing. I did get him a playboy from the truck three hours before it opened with a lie saying i fly to HNL in 30 minutes. And to make things better they only let 300 people see Olivia during her signing. You needed to pull a winning ticket. Mark lost. I won. Gave him the tix. Happy Birthday. One more year for me to wait to see OMunn.
Mark was towards the end of the line. The security was rushing everyone and by the time Mark got their nobody could take pics with her. He must have been nervous cus here’s his winning pic. EPIC FAIL. Make the fail worse. His pic of Kevin Pereira came out clean.
Well you want more from SDCC go google or check out or or
After con me and mark and headed to Joe’s Crabshack with Ralphie. He’s MMA!
Headed to the shack
They had crabs and stuff for grind
Then they had this parked on the side. Oracle/BMW boat. The one they race for the America’s cup and stuff. Boat worth couple MILLION dollars with a small fleet of other boats rocking BMW logos.
Went back to con. Closed up shop. Helped Angry Woebots and Dez Einswell pack up. Headed back to the hotel. Then went to say aloha to San Diego for one last time. Had to visit the best part of SD.
Had a little pasta at my favorite joint, Filippi’s
They must have Hawaiians working in the back cus they hook it up!
I’ve been waiting an entire year to eat you! YOU GOING DOWN!
But guess what…..I NEVER FINISH UM! I HAD LEFTOVERS! WTF!!!!!!
Make matters worse…I was stoked I had leftovers cus was gonna eat um for breakfast as my flight left at 7:30 the next morning. And guess what….I LEFT UM IN THE HOTEL! BOOOOOOO!

well that’s all. trying to get the rest of the pics. SDCC was fun. You stay classy San Diego. I be back in July! You get ready Olivia!

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