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I don’t know how it happened but this weekend was paint crazy. Painted Sunday with the boys (thanks guys!) and letting Lead (IMOK, DF) get some hawaiian paint time. Friday night was all about Katch1 and his show at Prototype. I didn’t have a camera and I was focused on retiring my blackbook so no pics. But rumors of Slick coming home for Katch1’s show was floating around. Then Slick actually arrived for the show. Sick. Slick and Katch in the same place. Dope. Then Quest was outside chillin somewhere. Kings of Hawai’i. Wow. Anywho I got a call monday that the Bomb Squad was gonna be painting. Glad I showed up. Great to see Hawaii boys doing good. Check out Slick’s site at and pick up a shirt and all his gear. If I can’t wear a Lightsleepers shirt I would wear a Dissizit shirt. One of my favorite brands and they make 3XL ALL THE TIME! I got an entire drawer of shirts i bought. Still got at least five that I have never worn. Enjoy some fliks. Mahalo’s to Prime for making it happen and to Krush, Dzine, Dmize, Wizdom2, Tina and the rest of the crew.

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